Enhancing precision farming among African farmers

Our affordable technologies ensure farmers make smarter and better decisions along the agricultural value chain while minimizing wastes and increasing productivity

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Soil Testing

Our affordable, portable and highly sensitive soil testing device provides farmers with real time comprehensible soil test information that reflects the true nature of their soils. These sensors are easy to install and work in all most all agricultural settings.

Extension Advice

FarmSens provides farmers with receive real-time actionable insights on their farm status. They will use the right amount of fertilizers and other additives, and better combat pests and diseases. This reduces guesswork, maximizes efficiency while reducing wastes

Farmer Profiles

FarmSens accesses farmers' risks through predicting harvest time, quantity and quality of harvests, and their ability to sell. These data, coupled with previous financial histories are used in our credit scoring models to build farmer profiles, to facilitate credit applications

Access to Markets

FarmSens bridges the gap between farmers and agricultural input sources, and the market by offering such collective information on a single platform. We connect farmers directly to buyers, thust ensuring a competitive prices for all produce

Precision farming based on real time soil nutrients status

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What we do

Harnessing agricultural potentials...

Our farmer-friendly Internet of Things (IoT) farming platform combines real-time field data to provide tailored actionable insights coupled with extension advice, build farmer profiles to guarantee credits, connect farmers to markets and storage facilities, and other services along the entire value chain.

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Smart application with value based services

Farmer friendly IoT platform with real time farm monitoring and actionalble data analytics to enable farmers farm better. Our services are accessible via the FarmSens app and USSD

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Our Products

We build wireless and modular soil sensors to monitor varying soil parameters of crucial importance to soil fertility and crop productivity

FarmSens SoilMeter

Comes in the form of a meter with a detacheable probe for in situ soil testing. Communicates via bluetooth to FarmSens applications Learn More

FarmSens SensorKit

The sensors come in the form of kits. They form networks with each other, with one as a master and the rest as slaves. It communicates via cellular technology to Farmsens applications Learn More

introducing... The FarmSens Mobile App

Manage your devices

Seamlessly manage all your FarmSens hardware and track your soil test information directly on your phone anytime and anywhere. SMS options are available for farmers without smartphones.

Manage your devices

Seamlessly manage all your FarmSens hardware and track your soil test information directly on your phone anytime and anywhere.

Extension advice

Our applications enable you to learn more about resilient farming practices towards increasing productivity and reducing wastes

Community Page

The largest farmer community platform connecting all farmers, agricultural experts, credit providers, input sources, and market sources together. Ask questions, upload pictures of pests or diseases affecting your crops, and receive instant advice from the experts.

Sell your produce faster

Connect directly with buyers and Market experts will reach out to the producers and educate them on the quality of produce they need from them.

Access credits easily

Our applications use field data coupled with previous financial histories in our special credit scoring models to build farmer profiles, to facilitate credit aquisations

Push notifications

Easier to send than emails and less likely to end up in a spam folder, push notifications can be text, graphic, or a combination of both to send your users content that they may be interested in.

Quick customer service

Connect directly with the FarmSens team for all your concerns.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • FarmSens uses real time data from soil sensors to offer actionable insights to farmers. You just need to purchase FarmSens sensor kit and install them in your farm. The sensors are easy to install. Then you download the farmSens app from the playstore, create an account and add the sensors by scanning the qr code on them. Next thing is add the crops you intend cultivating. Thats all! FarmSens will use the real time data from your farm to recommend suitable fertilizers and extension advice on resilient cultivation practises. This is to enable you achieve high yields with fewer resources. FarmSens will then use data from your farms to build a farmer profile which you can use to guarantee loans. FarmSens will also connect you directly to crop aggregators to enable you sell you produce at competitive prices.

  • FarmSens was built with the needs of farmers at heart. Farmers without smartphones will be able to access the services via USSD. All you need to do is to indicate to the FarmSens agent you bought the sensor kits from. The agent will create an account for you, FarmSens will then provide all services to you via USSD and automated voice calls. FarmSens has field agents in all regions, they will be available to help you.

  • FarSens has two (2) models whose prototypes are currently being piloted. Concepts for these prototypes have been proven. They are:

    The fisrt model is a single portable hardware, robustly designed for in-situ measurement of preconfigured soil conditions. It comes in the form of a detachable probe and a meter. Data from the sensors in the probe are sent to the meter for visualization and storage. It communicates via Bluetooth, WIFI or LORA with FarmSens mobile applications for data logging.

    The second model is the FarmSens Sensors Kit. These sensors are installed at various locations in the client’s farm to continuously measure soil parameters of interest. They form networks with each other, with one as a master and the rest as slaves. The master sensor serves as the gateway, through which the data is sent to the cloud via cellular connectivity.

  • No. The master sensor contains a SIM card, that enables it to send data via cellular connectivity to the cloud. This is neccessary to ensure the sensors work without internet connectivity.

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